Monday, February 27, 2012

Jeremy Lin

A few night's ago "Linsanity" got a sobering dose of Miami Vice, as the Knicks were crushed by the Heat. Jeremy Lin was ice cold, missing 10 of 11 shots and turning the ball over eight times - but off the court, he is still very much a hot commodity.
Just ask Yair Rozmaryn, a Manhattan trading card collector who just sold a rookie Jeremy Lin card on eBay for $21,580. According to the New York Times, Rozmaryn bought the card for $1,000 two weeks ago - when the Lin buzz was in its nascence.
The autographed card -- which shows a picture of Lin as a rookie with the Golden State Warriors -- also includes a swatch of the player's jersey. That certainly adds to its value but considering he bought the card two weeks ago, Rozmaryn sure scored on return on investment.
Meanwhile, the fanatical - and financial - frenzy surrounding the Knicks point guard is growing as a trademark war is brewing over the catch-phrase that describes the crazed excitement around Lin.

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